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Missourians Can
Still Get Abortions

We can help you pay for it.

Who We Are

We connect people with medically accurate information and funding to access abortion care.

Our mission at Missouri Abortion Fund (MOAF) is to provide public education and support for people needing reproductive health services, primarily by providing financial assistance for Missouri residents who cannot afford the full cost of abortion care. MoAF works directly with clinics on behalf of the people we serve. When a clinic we work with sees a patient who needs assistance, MoAF is a potential funding source to which they turn for a portion of the cost. The clinic then bills us for the amount we commit to covering. We do not offer counseling and do not provide direct personal grants, but the clinics that we work with do.
Right By You exists to help Missourians access pregnancy-related healthcare, including abortion care, respectful birth care, and contraception. Right By You operates a confidential, anonymous text helpline with trained volunteers available to help Missourians navigate reproductive healthcare. We have specialized knowledge in youth access to reproductive healthcare, but we serve Missourians of all ages who need our help. We distribute free emergency contraception in Columbia, with plans to expand to additional cities in late 2023. Our text line is available 6 days per week at 855-458-0886.

About AbortionHelpMO

AbortionHelpMO is a public education campaign intended to make sure Missourians know that abortion is still an option, and connect them with the help they need to access that care. Through our work, Missouri Abortion Fund and Right By You have observed a need for clear, accurate information on abortion options for Missourians, and reassurance that there is trustworthy support available to those who need it. We have joined forces to respond to that need through this website, social media and additional platforms.

For help finding abortion care, text us at
Our text line is anonymous and confidential.